I am a web developer specializing in web application development. My career has been mostly as a Network Engineer, but now I'm focusing fully on my true passion, web dev. I love to solve challenging problems and grow as a developer.

Boku Island Preview


Web Game

Boku.io is a game I've always wanted to make. Boku Island is a 'virtual pet' style game, where you create a 'Boku', and get to level it up by playing mini games. Boku Island uses Facebook login only currently. The auction in the game uses web sockets so that it is always up to date without having to do a refresh. The characters in the game are SVGs so that their colors can easily be swapped. Also, I built the snake mini game using the Phaser game engine.

Teach Kids Preview

Childrens Study Tool

Personal Project

As a self-taught developer I know the benefits of quick hyper-focused learning sessions. This is what I wanted to mimic with this application. Why should kids be held up or rushed by other students? It's still in the early stages of the app, but so far my 5 year old cousin loves playing it!

Famous Footwear Lookbook Preview

Famous Footwear Lookbook

Responsive Web Development

Famous Footwear was looking to create a fully responsive Lookbook for their back-to-school season. Previously they only had a News Stand edition on the ipad, but they wanted to open it up to a larger audience. I was brought in to develop the lookbook to work on all devices. This brought on many challenges due to the amount of images, videos, and the variety of content needed on every page. A custom slideshow library was built on react.js to ease future updates. We also focused on analytics using anlatyics.js to track very specific interactions made by the customer.

Focus app Preview

"Focus" Android Game

Android Game Development

I wanted to recreate one of my favorite mini games, Mortal Kombat's "Test-Your-Might". So I decided to create Focus. I did all the artwork myself, including the character which was created by recording my friend then editing the frames into a sprite sheet.

XO Talent Agency Website Preview

XO Talent Agency

Web Development

XO Talent Agency's goal is to help businesses find promotional models for their events. I co-founded XO and developed the site. Our goal was a clean and sexy site that portrayed the professionalism of XO's models. The site was built on Foundation to make it responsive as the majority of our users were on mobile. Also there is some pages just for clients that utilize Node.js for quick and realtime applications.